NV 073 success


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Aug 2, 2012
Thanks for all the advise. I did hire an outfitter who could only hunt outside of the wilderness area. Got a bull on opening day. Spotted him and 30 elk from about 3 miles away. Worked our way to within 2 mile of him with vehicle. Spent about 4 hours going back and forth on foot in the area and finally spotted the heard with 3 bulls in it in the area. There was a small bull and two good bulls one of which was broken off on one side. One was a decent 6x6. This was about 2:40 pm. Spent another hour getting into position. Kicked up a cow at about 60 yards. She took off and busted the heard , the6x6 bull was bringing up the rear. Guide blew a cow call and bull stopped for a second. I shot it once and it stumbled. It took off up the hill and I shot again. Missed. Hit it again with third shot and it was down. Quartered it out that evening, took almost 24 hrs to get it in a walk in cooler. Great classic spot and stalk hunt. Might not be the biggest bull out there, but I am very happy with it. Outfitter was Elko Guide Service. Thanks Bill, you did a great job.