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NOSLER 8MM 200 GRAIN PARTITION SP Reloader 26 load information


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Apr 3, 2004
In a box under a bridge
I Have a Rem 700 DBL in 8mm rem mag.
I'm having great luck and performance with the Sierra 220s and RL 26 3100 fps.
As with Barnes TSX 200s RL 26 3200 fps.
I have been shooting the 220s mostly at paper 500 yards plus.
My "Hunting'' bullets are the Barnes, outstanding, but $$$ and very hard to come by right now.
I found some NOSLER 8MM 200 GRAIN PARTITION SP, for a good price and available.
BUT like most Reloader 26 loads impossible to find load data.
Does anyone have ideas? Is anyone using this combo? I'm in love with RL 26 and would really like to use it.


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Sep 19, 2021
I haven't known very many people that still use the trusty 8mm rem mag. I shoot 200 gr partitions in mine, and my best results are with 81gr of RL22. Just a warning, this load is a little over max load. But I have had very good luck with RL22, no experience with RL26 though


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Oct 4, 2021
I tested my 8mm Remington magnum out with rl26, not thoroughly but I did try 81.0g of rl26 in an R-P case, 200g Accubond at 3.690" oal, Remington 9.5m primer. Velocity out of my 24" barrel gave me 3109fps. No heavy bolt lift, primer pocket in good shape, not loosened.

My hunting load is a max charge of imr4350 and a 200g Accubond for 2973fps.

This thread actually got me to register here. I did a thorough search for rl26 in the 8 mag back in June and didn't really find anything.