Non Res. MT black bear hunt


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Apr 22, 2016
Hey all,

I am a HS teacher by trade and my summer plans just opened up time for a MT black bear hunt. Honestly, I'm just looking to get into the back country after a long school year. Getting a bear would be amazing, but I'm just looking forward to the experience. I will be free to roam after May 23, so I'm planning on hunting a Unit that extends into June. A few questions...

-What is bear behavior generally like in the later part of spring season? I've seen some saying it's been an early spring, what effect would that have for a June hunt?

- How are snow levels in MT looking?

- Should I spend more time in steeper country, rolling country, or is it a toss up?

Not asking for any secret spots, just looking for tips/info to have a great experience on public land. I've already learned a lot from reading other threads and the FWP.



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Jan 25, 2016
Thanks for teaching the kids!

I would go as early as you can with your stated dates. Snow level will be as good as can be and the boars are cruising for females then. Lots of boars will start to rub by June.

End of May I'am as high as i can get trying to find females. If i find a basin with one bear i focus on that area. That time of year they seem to group into areas. Im sure its one breeder sow that pulls them in but once i find one i seem to find multiple bears. The first one is always the toughest.

Big ridgelines with water and green grass is where i start.

Good luck!