New hunting pack! Killik 2800


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Oct 16, 2022
I made my first big hunting-gear purchase for myself after two years of hunting with hand me down and gifted gear (which I have really appreciated!) and got the Killik 2800 pack from Sportsman's Warehouse. Who can resist a good sale right?! It's very adjustable and was comfortable to pack a significant weight around the store to test it out. After watching review videos online it seems like I'm only going to be limited by what I can physically carry, there is certainly room and to spare and an individual pocket for everything I could possibly want to carry, plus meat. I like that the hip belt fit comfortably and kept the weight of the pack from pressing into my tailbone, which I noticed was an issue with some of the non-ladies-specific packs that I tried. And it is set up to carry a rifle or a bow, so hopefully that will get some use if I get to bow hunt this fall.
Five weeks til antelope hunting!! I'm looking forward to trying this out.


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May 10, 2021
I'm so impressed right now, I'm exactly half your age and I hope I am as brave as you are when I get there!! I hunt about 50/50 solo and with my family, but it would be fun to have another woman to hunt with. No one has ever given me any trouble about it while I've been out and about.
Keep us posted about how your hunt goes! I'm excited for you to get to do this!!
Rose, Thank you for the boost! I'm happy to have inspired you, as I would like to see more women in the backcountry having the time of their lives. Once the initial fear goes away, it's exhilarating to be reliant on only your own strength and intuition. Do it! See you in the mountains.
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