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Jul 7, 2001
Dozens of antelope fall through ice and drown
GLASGOW (AP) - About 85 antelope fell through thin ice on Fort Peck Lake near here and drowned, despite efforts by state wildlife authorities to save the animals, state officials said Monday.
About 100 antelope were crossing the ice on Friday afternoon when it gave way. All but a handful of the antelope went in to the frigid water, the state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks said.
Officials with the agency responded immediately after getting word of the incident, but were unable to save any of the animals in the water, said Capt. Mike Herman, a state game warden.
The carcasses were recovered using the Valley County Search and Rescue's airboat, but Herman said the meat cannot be salvaged.
Herman estimated that the ice was only about 2 inches thick. Fish, Wildlife and Parks personnel, along with search and rescue volunteers, worked for about four hours Friday removing the carcasses.