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Jan 10, 2019
Blue Ridge Mtns, VA
Hello all. I am from Louisiana and have been an avid hunted my entire life. I have killed many whitetail deer in Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri. I once even went to Florida and killed one. I have developed a desire and passion to travel out west and kill an elk and a mule deer. Last year I made my first ever attempt at an over the counter bull tag in Colorado in the Gunnison are. I ate a tag sandwich! I would love this year to try Montana and I am looking at Region 3 and wanting to go for B-Licenses for a cow elk and whitetail does. I don't expect to kill an elk but I'd like to at least give it an honest effort. The deer license would be to hopefully bring home some meat.

I've narrowed my choices down based off license availability but that's still pretty broad. I currently am looking at Units:
300 (elk)
302 (elk)
311 (deer and elk)
312 (deer and elk)
320 (deer and elk)
322 (deer and elk)
323 (elk)
324 (deer and elk)
325 (deer and elk)
326 (deer and elk)
327 (elk)
328 (elk)
329 (elk)
330 (deer and elk)
331 (elk)
332 (elk)
333 (deer)
340 (deer)
360 (deer)

I'd never ask for a honey hole, but could someone give me some advise on where to narrow down my search too. We'd like to tent camp to cut down on travel time and to just enjoy the experience.
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Aug 23, 2021
Rip to my thread

I'll try to nudge it back on-course as I try to get up to my 10-post limit. ha!

Fellow southerner (GA) here. We'll be heading to MT in Nov for our first Elk hunt as well. Did a successful antelope hunt in WY two years ago, then dumb luck helped us fill a muley tag in WY on the last day last year, and we somehow (dumb luck again) drew general combo tags in MT this year. Hoping our dumb luck keeps us going this year.

Just taking a quick look at 333 on onX, you might be able to stumble onto something with that BLM and state land. *MAYBE* they'll be pushing out of the hills and down into the flats depending on wx and when you're going. Either way, you're going to have a blast. Can't remember if you said you've been out west before or this is your first time, but man... after our first trip, we were HOOKED! At this point, if we don't draw a tag in future seasons, we'll be going out there 'just' for fishing, scenery, and just the experience of backcountry'ing it.

Good luck!


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Mar 4, 2019
Basically you listed all of region 3. There are whitetail deer and elk in all of them, the accessibility of those animals will vary greatly. If a person was to do even a small amount of homework on any of those units I think you’d answer all your own questions. Like a lot of people said almost all the information you want is readily available.


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Jul 12, 2018
Bozemen, Montana
The reason I’ve posted so many times is I’m new to the forum and I couldn’t create a thread until I’ve posted 10 times. But thank you for reading all 10.

I don’t expect a pin drop on a map just some local knowledge of the area and what to expect. If someone could help me narrow down the list of units even better. I do live 1900 miles away.

If and when you ever get ready to hunt in Louisiana you’d find we’re way more helpful than a rude go find a dang spot yourself response. I don’t mind hunting for the game but last I checked Montana is a pretty big place to go hunt.
anywhere in region three is gonna have all 3 species, including a 4th, Grizz. General rule of thumb, Willows and creek areas usually contain your whitetails an sometimes elk. But like some of your public areas where you are from I find them to be nomadic and often in strange areas. Same strategy applies tho, thick cover.

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Feb 9, 2020
Western Montana
Note my recent post "logistics". As a local it takes years to figure how to navigate in many of these rugged areas. I'm not willing to share what took me years to unravel. I hunt primarily in region 3 and many times it takes me 3-5 years to develop enough knowledge about an area to be successful in it - occasionally. I have a lot of maps with - "don't go here" printed on them. Some with exclamation points. You bought your ticket -take your ride.
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