Montana public comment: 2021 elk shoulder season, wolf hunting, pheasant releases and more.


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Aug 22, 2021
Hello all. I am from Louisiana and have been an avid hunted my entire life. I have killed many whitetail deer in Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri. I once even went to Florida and killed one. I have developed a desire and passion to travel out west and kill an elk and a mule deer. Last year I made my first ever attempt at an over the counter bull tag in Colorado in the Gunnison are. I ate a tag sandwich! I would love this year to try Montana and I am looking at Region 3 and wanting to go for B-Licenses for a cow elk and whitetail does. I don't expect to kill an elk but I'd like to at least give it an honest effort. The deer license would be to hopefully bring home some meat.

I've narrowed my choices down based off license availability but that's still pretty broad. I currently am looking at Units:
300 (elk)
302 (elk)
311 (deer and elk)
312 (deer and elk)
320 (deer and elk)
322 (deer and elk)
323 (elk)
324 (deer and elk)
325 (deer and elk)
326 (deer and elk)
327 (elk)
328 (elk)
329 (elk)
330 (deer and elk)
331 (elk)
332 (elk)
333 (deer)
340 (deer)
360 (deer)

I'd never ask for a honey hole, but could someone give me some advise on where to narrow down my search too. We'd like to tent camp to cut down on travel time and to just enjoy the experience.


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Sep 25, 2009
"Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public review and comment on several wildlife-related items approved for comment during the recent Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting. Proposals include the 2021 wolf hunting and trapping season, nongame check-off workplan, pheasant releases, Jordan urban wildlife plan, 2021 elk and deer muzzleloader season, 2021 elk shoulder season and 2021 contractual public elk hunting access agreements."

These seemed like pretty important topics for public comment so I thought I would post it here with two articles explaining what is being proposed.

Link to comment:

The value of Hunt Talk can not be overstated. Prime example this post / thread and many like this.
Thanks for sharing.

Reality: pre HT, I was (and still am) an average Joe hunter. *Mentoring has always been an instrument our family and hunt partners have enjoyed though HT has raised this bar for a primary focus on conservation.
Prior? Family value of proper firearm use, ethical intent to shoot/don't shoot... etc.

I thought of conservation as one more curious though far from the level I've learned over the decade w/ HT.

Campaigns really need to help people view our over extended "season" for the damage it causes.
Shoulder season purpose and the adverse cause of making this public (even private) an annual common hunt.

However, as much as some hold great knowledge - with an arrogant approach, many more people are lost and trench in fight defines opposition.
Some hold great knowledge though with an approach towards the problem as political, again, many more people are lost and trench in fight defines opposition.

Some of our great minds don't realize your actions create harm. Sure, your info is great though your delivery SUCKS! Look in the mirror vs take an instant piss off towards this post.

Delivery means everything even if you get frustrated as hell, if you're a guru of quality info, your voice is vital towards our future.
Ya, sure there are times where it may be called for though Randy, Ben Lamb and Long, and several others are a beacon example of dickhead vs quality representation... just sayin'.

Haha! Edit: phone flip from one word spelled correctly to a completely new word... because of its use? Hah! Corrected the word (*).
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