Meopta Binos - Great Customer Service


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Feb 14, 2017
I just wanted to take a moment to share a great customer service story. It is easy to take time to complain when things don't go great, but for some reason harder to post when things do - so I'm trying to break that pattern.

I posted on here earlier that I had a set of Meostar B1 10x42 binos that came out of collimation. They were the Cabela's brand with a "forever guarantee" that turned out not to be worth the paper it was printed on. In short Cabela's told me to go to Meopta. I reached out to Meopta and got a great customer service rep name Erik. I paid the shipping and sent them into Meopta. After awhile they reached out and told me that they were severely out of collimation (seeing double) and was likely from a hard bump or fall and at first they were not going to cover the repair.

I reached back out to Erik at Meopta and basically said in so many words that I bought these high-end binos so I wouldn't have issue with them and while I don't doubt that they were damaged, I don't see how I did anything extreme enough to justify them breaking. Further, doesn't hunting gear by nature get dropped and bumped? To make a long story short, Erik advocated for me with the necessary people and Meopta repaired them, cleaned them up, and sent the back for free.

If Meopta wanted to wiggle out of coverage, they definitely could have hidden behind something like "user error" or "normal wear and tear," but ultimately their customer service was first rate!