Kids and hunting


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Apr 17, 2015
And @neffa3 i hear ya, I’m not one of those dads that wants to spend every minute with his kids. I love them, I love being a dad, but there’s more to me as a person than just being a dad. Don’t feel bad, or selfish for wanting time in the woods by yourself, or just being neffa3 without the dad part attached. That’s just part of being human. Where you talked about the woods being your church, same for be by the way, I remembered a conversation with my mom about church. She always wanted to go the the early service alone, then would go to the later service with the rest of us. I asked her why, and she just said “the early service is for me, the later service is for family.” Sometime you need that time just for you. No shame in that.
I just spent 2 days being me, and not Dad. It was nice, but I came home to an absolute SS. There may not be any shame, but there's damn sure some guilt.