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Jan 31, 2014
The Driftless Area
It wasn't an argument. It was a statement, an observation. I have seen more people bowfishing than I have seen crossbows period.

Light pollution. For real. Light pollution. Turn the light off your polluting the nanometers.

Jesus, it's nature, we just supposed to fricken sit here and look at it? Christ almighty.

They are there for a purpose, and some of those are to hunt, fish, camp, view, whatever.

Enjoy your stick and stone hunting.
I manage public land in one of those counties you stated earlier. I get complaints weekly on noise and light pollution from bowfishers.

Wind Gypsy

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Mar 12, 2017
While I am generally opposed to more restrictions in some cases restrictions are needed. In this case the argument is being made that by having less restrictions on crossbows more restrictions may be needed to maintain the deer herd such as restricting season lengths and limits. So which would you rather have, more restrictions on weapons or more restrictions on harvest, season length, and license numbers?

I remember when Iowa was a draw even for resident hunters and it was not guaranteed you would get a license.

The only equitable thing to do is make it as easy as possible to kill deer until the golden goose of resident whitetail hunting is fried, quality sucks, and you can no longer buy a tag OTC. We must stop being unfair to those who care about hunting so little that spending 2 hours to learn how to shoot a compound is overly burdensome. (Sarcasm)