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I'm down....


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Dec 6, 2003
Frigid Ohio
Well guys, my hunting season is over, for this year. No, I didn't fill the freezer.

Was at my brothers a couple of days ago and had a couple of hefty slabs of "free ranging" pork on the grill. Had a couple of beverage, carbonated, malted, cold while we were at it too. Nature started to call, so I got up to heed the call, took about two steps and planted my foot on one of the kids HotWheels. If you've ever seen the original Home Alone movie, you'll have a pretty good idea of what happened next!!!!

The cast starts about half way up on my trigger finger(the others, too) and goes about a foot past my wrist. Can't reach the trigger, can't work the bolt, can't even zip up my pants for that matter!

Oh Well, pigs will be still open down here six weeks from now. Good Luck Guys!!

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