How to approach open fields for pheasant


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Jan 14, 2021
There is some darn good advice on this thread. New bird hunters bookmark this one.


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Jan 20, 2017
interior Alaska
I solo hunt with a lab in Montana.
First thing I try to do is find good habitat that is at least a 30 minute hike from any road.
Second thing I do is hunt in silence.

One strategy that has worked well for me on late season spooky roosters is to
first silently walk a brushy creek bottom, jump shooting mallards with the lab at heel going upstream.
Most of the time we are 100 yards parallel from prime habitat, sneaking in to the creek at prime locations.
I think this puts light pressure on wild roosters and they run to hide in hawthorn/thistle thickets in oxbows.
I rarely flush pheasants quietly jump shooting upstream for mallards.

Then after a couple hours we turn around and I let the lab hunt headed downstream.
Once the lab gets birdy, I silently stop her and circle around to the opposite side of the oxbow thicket.
I then release the lab with a hand signal and often the rooster flushes either directly towards me or
across the creek for a crossing shot.