How many rounds do you load at a time?

Don Fischer

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Jun 27, 2017
I take one brand of brass, whatever I have plenty of, usually Win, inexpensive and easy to get. Load test rounds in three shot group's and load a full box with just sticking in the extra rounds wherever. Might change powders a couple times which needs another full box each time. Once I find the load, I want I do five round groups just because! Then when I'm satisfied, I load 20 rounds. After shooting half I load up another box of the same thing. Thats my using rounds and don't care to let it get below about ten rounds. I am not a competitive shooter or I'm sure I'd keep more on hand.

Jack Ryan

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Mar 20, 2022
SW Indiana
I do load just a few when I'm starting up, like others have said.

I will probably load one and step out the door to shoot it across the chrony and in to a stump that grew there for the purpose. I'll make adjustments until I get what I want. Usually trying to match a velocity of something I've previously used. When I get close I'll make three and test those. Then I might drop powder in a hundred, one load block, and then take three off the top of those, seat bullets and shoot them across the chrony at a target on the range. If I like it, then that is it until I run out of something.