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how do you train a dog to track...


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Jan 7, 2001
Northeast Arizona
how do you go about training a dog to track a bear or cat? can i use a german shorthair or is that a poor choice? how do you keep the dog from running off? or worse getting killed?


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Dec 19, 2000
Sulphur,IN U.S.A.
Well I dont know nothing about German Shorthairs,so I cant tell you if thats a good choice or not.But I can tell you that some of them will run off,and some of them will get killed.A good hound is a death magnet.Any hound hunter here will tell you that.As far as the running off part,we have tracking collars.You ever watch a nature show where the guys have the antenna out waving it around looking for a bear or an elk or something.Well we have the same thing for are dogs.The best way to train one is to hunt it with another dog that already knows how.If you dont have another dog then you can get a dead coon and drag it around the yard and then hang it in a tree.Go let your dog out and encourage him to find it.If you have a pup,say two months old or so,you can start off with hotdogs.Drag it across the floor and hide it under the couch.Then let him look for it.

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Dec 22, 2000
Pecos, NM, USA

That is complicated question! First off, if you are going to hunt big game, you need a dog that was born and bred for it. Most hound bloodlines nowadays go back many, many years. For dogs out of most of these lines, it is not a question of teaching a dog to trail as it is already in them. Training consists of enhancing their skills of cold trailing and getting them to obey your commands and getting them from chasing "off game." You can also enhance their ability to tree by working with them. It takes a minimum of two years before you know if your dog will be a good hunter or not. About one dog in ten has what it takes. As far as running off, the only time you want that dog off on his own is when he is running game and you hope that he is on the track and not chasing off game. In my opinion the perfect big game hound would have a good mouth that switches at the tree, has a relatively cold nose, can run by sight and smell and that locks down at the tree. There are very few dogs that I know of that are like this and for this reason we run packs. One dog may be a good cold nosed trailer, one may have a good mouth and another may keep the other two at the tree. Hope this answers your question.


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