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Hey T-bone, are you awake ?


New member
Dec 23, 2000
It's the middel of the night, and I can't sleep. I keep haveing this crazy nightmare.
It starts out with you and Moosie on some wind sweep ridge in Idaho, glassing the basin below. A whole heard of 390 class bulls are grazing, and not a sheep in site. Then it goes to me, stalking the dark timber of south west New Mexico. I hear a sound, see movement heading my way. I get ready, draw my bow, and a full curl ram steps out ! :eek:
Somebody pass the nightquill


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
LOL A-con.... I was Up last night till about 2AM... So I call T-bone at his office and It wasn't his night to work. They said he'll be in on Monday night. I truely need to get his work schedule. I was calling him for the same thing ;)

Now.... Here I am 5.5 Hours later, Going out for a Small Jog, to get ready for a Hunt were I only see big bulls and no Rams :eek:

T Bone

Well-known member
Jan 8, 2001
West Slope, CO
You guys need to get more sleep.

I'm working days mon-fri 4am-3pm through the end of sept. I'll give you a call tonight to see how the flight went.

Acon- you need some good karma. Here is what works for me,say your prayers daily, work hard, exercise hard, practice daily with the bow, eat a tin of sardines EVERY day and you're guaranteed a 280+ bull. Let me know how you're feeling in a week.