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Hey George P


Apr 16, 2001
scouted some ground the other day that was completely covered with cat sign late last cat season.Only got to hunt in there once and had one heck of a run,no cat tho.Couldnt wait to get back in there this year.Small brook runnin north and south,thick as all he11,with a big ridge on the back side.CATHEAVEN!! Drove along the brook for 4 miles tues and I figure they prolly leveled at least 1000 acres.They left the 50 yd buffer zone on each side of the brook,and thats about it.Oh well,hafta find where they moved to.So dam depressin.At the rate theyre cuttin wood here and to the north of me,makes me wonder if we aint gonna be a national park after all.

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Around here its not clearcuts but housing developments and condos.And yes it is depressing but what can you do.Thats why Tobey moved where he is,Funny thing here is that there is more big game,bear,moose,deer than there has ever been.It is just real hard to hunt them due to the developing that has taken place.
When Tobey lived down this way we used to have to travel 2 hrs or so to run bear.Now I can walk out my door and start rigging.Of course you cant run most of the places where you get strikes !!!!