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Help with stubborn bull


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May 21, 2015
I am hunting in Ky right now. I located a bull and have tried to call him in the evening and in the morning. The food source is on the lower 1/3 of mountain and bedding areas at top
I can't get him to either one. He is on a bench 1/2 way down and will not leave that bench. He will readily answer both cow and bugle call but won't come to my location. He is only accompanied by another young bull. Any ideas.
Also have bulls bugling where I'm hunting on private land but on neighbor and won't seem to leave there any ideas on how to get them to at least come look. They are with cows


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Nov 19, 2014
It's going to be tough to pull any herd bulls away from their cows. If you can get close to that herd and cow call a bit, you might get a satellite bull to come check you out, but I assume that since you are hunting in KY, you aren't interested in satellite bulls.

With your bull that is bedded, if you know where he is going to feed, I would just get in between him and his feeding area by really nailing down his position with a few calls, and then just wait until he starts moving. When he gets up to feed, it wouldn't be too hard to get him to come take a look at a cow if he is already heading that way.

Have you gotten a look at this bull? Based on your description, I would guess he is younger and probably not that big. I definitely don't think that should deter you from going after him, but with how rare the KY bull tags are, I am not sure I would shoot a smaller bull. Just my 2 cents.


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Oct 6, 2005
Bitterroot Valley
If you know the trails he uses, and any with some sort of regularity then set up a blind or tree stand there. Just make sure the wind works. Some times it may only be good in the evening, or sometimes only good morning.


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Dec 23, 2014
North Idaho
If you figure it out let me know! This scenario pretty much sums up my entire elk hunting career. LOL.

In my experience, it is extremely difficult to move in on a bull unless you are in terrain and wind that really works to your advantage, which doesn't seem to happen very often.

As far as getting them to come to you, it seems like they only get worked up enough to do so when they are rutting very hard. If bugling and cow calling don't work, try scraping.

Another tactic I have heard of is using cow urine in a spray bottle to get some cow scent in the wind. That might get him excited enough to move.

If the bull is consistently moving into that same bedding area at a certain time of the day, get in early and set up an ambush, and have some one else do the calling from another position to keep him talking and distracted.

Good luck.

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