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Jan 21, 2001
Wyoming MI, USA

By now I hope everyone has gotten in a bit of bow hunting in this year, and whether you got an animal or not I want to hear your bow hunting stories. I'll start by listing some of the cool things that have happened to me while bow hunting so far this year:

1. I was bow hunting Arizona in unit 6A for a cow elk and had a couple cool bird related experiences. I was hunting a trail by a canyon from a quickly put together ground blind and out of nowhere comes a humming bird thinking my arrow fletchings were flowers full of nectar. Kinda neat.

2. On the same hunt I was hunting a ground blind overlooking a water hole. I was wearing a polar fleece face mask that must have looked like a little critter to a hawk. I was watching a hawk that had perched itself on an standing burnt out tree for awhile when it started to fly towards me. It got about 20 foot away when I jerked my head out of the way and the hawk turned and flew off to another tree. That was cool and it scared the shit out of me. I'm lucky the hawk was in front of me and not behind or I'd have claw marks in the back of my head.

3. Here in Michigan I hunt between two corn fields where they meet a wooded swampy area the deer frequent in the mornings and evening as they travel from food source to beddding grounds. The other evening I was sitting quietly watching a barn cat work the fields for mice when 3 deer, a doe and two button bucks, came out of the woods into the edge of the corn field to eat. The doe ended up nose to nose with the cat and they played tag. They would stand and look at each other till the doe would take a step forward and the car would run a few steps back. This continued for about 3 or 4 minutes.

Well that's all for now. What cool, unusual or just plain goofy things have you seen while out bowhunting this season?



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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
That hawk must have been pretty cool diving for your head


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Nov 28, 2001
Two years ago, I was sitting in a tree stand waiting for some elk watching three young squirrels playing. An owl came right over my shoulder, not three feet away, swooped down and stuck to the tree the rodents were playing on. Two of them just disappeared. The third ran to the back side of the tree. The owl came up on one foot, reached its opposite wing around the tree, when the squirrel ran away from the wing, the owl just snatched it right off the tree..That was just way to cool and about the damndest thing I've seen. I have alway's wondered how an owl could learn some thing like that... :D

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