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May 23, 2022
Oregon Coast
Greetings fellow hunters. I've been on another hunting/fishing forum for several years and recently came upon this one while trying to research a possible hunt this fall and like the forum so thought I'd go ahead and register. Been hunting for about 20 years here in Oregon (and fishing since I could hold a rod) and have been lucky enough to harvest some animals during that time. Nothing that would impress anyone besides myself, but just love being outdoors, learning about animals, and getting out in search of them.

The past several years I've been mainly focused on getting my son out to hunt, which has been very rewarding. Taking him out and punching a few tags (and just spending time together) has been way more fun/rewarding than filling any of my own tags could ever be. He's getting close to graduating high school (next year) and I've always wanted to take him out to Wyoming for pronghorn and/or mule deer so have put in for tags this fall (3 pts for both species) and am trying to continue researching to make the most of our potential hunt.

I know tags have been severely reduced and populations aren't what they once were so have tempered my expectations but still keeping our fingers crossed that we can at least draw one tag for him. Anyway, thanks to all who have posted all of the great info on this forum to date and I hope I can possibly make some small contributions at some point myself. If we're lucky enough to go to WY this year I'll be happy to share anything I learn. He's done several youth hunts here in Oregon so I'm happy to share what I know on those as well.

Happy hunting everyone!

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