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Going to an actual rodeo. How does it work?


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Jul 23, 2010
Rodeo performances in a 2 night deal could be best time or score of one or the "Short Go " is the final night. Often during the day or the evening before will be "slack" where competitors not entered in the performances can compete. Won't be in event order, and may not be all events.

Core Events
Rough stock
Bareback Bronc
Saddle Bronc
Bull Riding

Timed Events
Tiedown(calf roping)
Team roping
Steer Wrestling
Barrel Racing
(some ) Women's Breakaway roping

Order is usually alternating Timed events between Rough stock events. Bareback always seems to start, and Bull riding is at the end.

Other events or acts between events
Clown act
Trick Riders
Bull fighting
Kid's Mutton busting
Trick roping/Trick horse Demo.
Some Rodeos have a signature specialty event

Some rules to live by:

The social currency at a rodeo as a spectator or competitor is BEER. If you get up to go to the restroom during the performance you should always ask your companions if you can bring them a beer. COORS Banquet is the Official rodeo beer and if you ask if they have an IPA you will be annoying the overworked beer staff. Know what you want when you step up to order, pay in cash and GTFOutta the way....

Don't worry about looking LEGIT. The harder you try the more it shows ala: Lloyd Christmas in D&D'r.

Let your friends explain stuff to you. They may be right or wrong but it is no time to debate them. Smile and nod and buy them a beer.

Watch the pickup men who are in the arena on horseback. They are the Best Cowboys in the arena bar none....

Second is the Bull fighers . the Navy SEALS/Army Rangers of the Rodeo World.



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Jul 1, 2011
I recommend you and wife go buy matching outfits (western shirt w/ the tassels, the tightest jeans you can wear, belt buckle, and cowboy boots). When putting on the tight pants, have your wife hold them out and you jump off the bed and into the legs. They're not tight, unless you loose feeling in all your lower extremities (this includes your testicles). Think of it as birth-control (for you). Then show up to the rodeo, buy you and misses 4 beers each and sit back and drink and watch the real cowboys. Once your out of beer ... go buy more ... and then after your feeling good ... head down to the shoots and climb on one of those beasts. I dog-double-dare you!

All seriousness ... You will enjoy the rodeo ... you'll have an appreciation for those guys and gals that do all those events. Like most professional sporting events, the participants make it look easy.


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Dec 13, 2014
Buy beer with cash unless there is a separate line for coopins/tickets.
Sort that out before getting in the wrong line, nothing worse.


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Mar 21, 2018
When it comes to rodeos there are two kinds of people:

1. Those that don't have a clue about them and write them off as some kind of side show act akin to yo-yoing or fancy hula hooping

2. People who do know something about it and take it way too seriously. Like send up praise and worship to some irrelevant rodeo star that has long since passed.

I personally competed on the circuit semi professionally. I thought I was pretty cool until I realized that I was only perceived as cool by those who fall in the second category, while the rest of the world saw me as a circus clown.


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Jan 14, 2012
Chris ledoux won the nfr in bareback in 76. His cred was earned.

Blast the Rodeo Song on the way, it is tradition.

Bear Pascoe steer wrestled at one of the last rodeo I went to. He was quick.
Bear Pascoe was a heck of a football player as well. Two sport pro speaks of his athleticism. Bring allergy medicine if you are allergic to animals. My daughter found out the hard way. :)

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