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Jul 11, 2021
The fireweed has finished out. Getting cooler n darker out. The salmon are running out. Rains a lot. Moose hunting season is just around the corner. I am dealing with a neck injury and couldn't get out much last year. Man that kinda hurts.
Still dealing with the neck issues, it's broken in 2 spots. When the surgeon asked when I wanted to get things fixed up , after moose season for me.
Moose is probably more secondary to just getting out though. I haven't had much opportunity. Gotta scratch that itch.
I am blessed that I can get out to our cabin. Nice having the warm dry bed, coffee perked on the woodstove. Sit on the front porch n do moose calls is actually pretty effective. But going for a little walk about still hunting is a favorite. The chances of seeing moose is there and so are the bears, wolves and terrain. I regularly get lost in the bush several ways. Just focusing on the environment I'm in, marvel at the unique trees. Searching out chaga for harvesting next winter. Identifying the plants around me.
I have to say that having the luxury of a cabin makes life easier, good thing as I get older n more worn. And being in remote ak looking up Mt Denali. Makes for a nice place to be. And the experience of building it throughout many years has given me experience in the bush that has helped scratch the itch.
Hey I'm blessed to have my family around me who all work together. I've got a itch for taking our daughter out to call in her first moose harvest. Hopefully she'll let me bring our 5 year old grandson out. And a week with my beautiful wife would be great.
We're kinda set up so we can handle a moose out there now so that opens up my opportunity. Daughter n me freighted out a freezer last spring. And I have an air conditioner in the insulated generator shed as a cooler. A couple wheelers with winches n pulleys. Hey I'm kinda gimped up but hopefully planned out.
And an itch to just get out. Nothing but me n the world. Drop me off n let me go. Hey all, hope I haven't gone to long in the tooth. But man it was kinda rough not getting out last year n that itch is driven. I can find very little things in life that compare. When that little bush plane drops me off. As soon as the first float lifts the world around me becomes surreal. I'm all I got. The mountains surrounding me lift a spirit inside me. The quiet. And walking up to that little cabin in the woods. Where my beautiful wife n me staked our land 20 years ago. Looking forward to this day back then. And has taken up a substantial amount of our lives makes me feel proud to have a place to share with family n close friends. Hoping the bears haven't gotten in . Remove the bear boards off the porch. Grab a chair. Take a little sip of whiskey. I'm home. Ain't no place like home
A place for friends this fireside place. No matter where that fire is. Man I got this itch


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