Family Man's 2022 Season Log


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Aug 12, 2017
Finally HOME in N. Idaho!
Hey all,

Its been a minute since I've spent much time over here at Hunt Talk (or any forum for that matter!).

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Its been a fairly constant season of change for our little family and its a good time to catch folks up!

We decided early last fall to make an attempt to make the move from Utah up to north Idaho. It took a number of miracles, including finding a place with some acreage, someone to accept an offer contingent on the sale of our place in Utah, finding a place that ALSO had decent internet service so I could work full time remote, work blessing my desire to work full time remote and somehow managing to move before serious winter set in. BUT we made it, a beautiful place on 4+ acres of woods, 20 minutes from my folks and other family, decent internet service and within 1-2 hrs of some of my old elk and deer stomping grounds! Honestly we're still a bit incredulous that it all came together...

And I made a change I've been threatening for some time... I finally ditched my previous 'helsyeah' forum username (a remnant of college days) for a bit more appropriate one!

2021 hunt recap

Anyway, 2021 was a productive hunting year all said and done. I hunted new country for turkeys in both SE Idaho (and got one!) and a newish spot in Utah where I missed a bird the last weekend of Utah's season (I found its surprisingly easy for me to miss at 5 yds when a bird shows up unexpectedly!)

I had two hunts planned for the fall, a trip to Montana to chase pronghorn with my buddy Tim (from previous adventures) and another trip to chase whitetails in Idaho in the same rough area as we did in 2020. The move had the potential to disrupt both trips, but as luck would have it, we hadn't found a place before the MT pronghorn trip and we had a long time to close on the place up here in ID so I was able to sneak in the whitetail trip as well.

Tim and I spent 4 days in MT chasing pronghorn. Tim tagged out on our second day with his first pronghorn.


I blew some shots (2 that we just don't talk about, and one that I misread a wind call on) but finally on the last day I connected with a clean stalk and shot on a smaller buck.


We had a ton of fun chasing speed goats around in country my family has hunted quite a bit in past years (just hard to draw a tag now!)


The whitetail hunt turned into a sprint up for a quick weekend hunt. We had planned the same cast of characters from 2020: Tim (who managed to come down with Covid and then couldn't make it) Warning Shot Mike (see the 2020 thread) and Andy (@Sheffield5k). New to the crew as Andy's dad Rod as well.

Mike and I had to keep our trip short so we headed up on a Friday with Andy and Rod to follow and they would stay through the following week. Mike and I hunted separate ways through Saturday. I saw a few deer as well as a couple hunters. Early afternoon found me napping perched over a small open cutting unit when this guy woke me up across a draw 60 yds away. Talk about a surprise!



I did drag Mike the 400 yds from camp to retrieve the buck, but he didn't complain too much! Neither did Andy and Rod when they showed up late that night. We took a bit of the next day visiting and getting Rod and Andy settled and then Mike and I hit the road, him to get back to work, and me to finish packing up the house and get our move on! Andy and Rod got snow after we left. Rod eventually tagged out on a small buck. Andy (who had a bit of meat in the freezer) ended up not filling his tag.

2022 Hunts and plans

Having survived the move and a decently long winter up here I've been able to spend a bunch of time scouting new country and chasing turkeys (got a bird opening morning!)


I also go to take along Brian (my sister-in-law's husband) chasing birds and got him one as well!


The rest of 2022 is waiting on hunt draws to complete and then likely lots of OTC elk (archery) and deer.

More to come!


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Aug 12, 2017
Finally HOME in N. Idaho!

Well, we've gotten back our controlled hunt results.

Struck out in WY for pronghorn.

Idaho results came out tonight and Hope and I had a nice chunk of luck fall our way:


This is a rifle hunt in a unit I have some good intel on so we're super excited about that hunt! We have logistics to sort out with kids and school but with having grandparents close by and available down in southern Idaho we should have good coverage there.

I get to take along a new-to-Idaho bow hunter (Josh) this fall chasing elk, so that will be a good time. I'm sure it'll be full of the ups and downs of public land elk hunting.

I snuck in a quick elk scouting trip last weekend and got re-aquainted with inland-northwest jungle (love me some alder thickets...). Didn't find much in the way of promising sign but did find that the area WAS used by other hunters a fair amount in the past.


I have a fair amount of areas to go scout still though that might be far enough away from the beaten path to not compete with too many folks. Also striking off areas is as good as finding promising ones at this point!