ElkTalk Ep 89 & 77 Corey's SE Alaska Hunt


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Mar 2, 2020
I just listened to ElkTalk episode 89 where Corey and Randy spoke with John Barklow with Sitka (26 years in the Navy with much of it teaching survival in Alaska). They gave a deep dive analysis of basically everything Corey did right and sought out other ways to tweak/improve preparation. Tons of good intel were shared. If you haven't heard the full podcast, check out episode 77. The video was great, but more information is on the podcast and the storytelling on point.

Interesting was the tip on getting into a dry sleeping bag with wet clothes to dry out the wet clothes. This dangerous tip has context and many disclaimers. Also interesting is the worst temperature is 45-32 degree weather- not snow; makes good sense.

I was on a trip where rain was relentless, everything got and stayed wet, it was chilly (not cold), and waterproof/Gortex materials (jacket and boots) just kept the water in. Our saving grace was the rain let up on the fifth day, so it is in no way a fair comparison to SE Alaska. The experience though was similar in small ways that I empathize with Corey's harrowing experience and value the need to be better informed and prepared.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on using a mylar safety blanket as a backup? I haven't needed it, but because of my wet backcountry trip, I always have the mylar safety blanket. This wasn't even mentioned in the podcast. Is this just a novelty item or a ruse?

What other ways that you SE Alaska veterans prepare for relentless rain? Please advise your thoughts.

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