Eleberlestock Gunslinger 2 Pack


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Aug 28, 2014
Big Sky Country
I have a Eberlestock Gunslinger 2 Pack it is a 2800 cu. in. pack and this one will come with 3 extra storage bags that can be used for either extra external storage or internal organization. It is a great pack for long day trips or overnight experiences. The pack is 2 years old and it is in good condition no tears, rips, and all the straps and buckles are in good working shape. it just has the usual wear and tear with a few blood stains. I have included some pictures of the pack and I will be posting it to Craigslist as well. I am in Billings, Montana you can PM me if you are interested if I need to ship it somewhere we can figure that out I have a UPS machine at my work. The price for a new one is 329.00 I am looking to get 250.00 for mine. It comes with 3 extra storage pouches and it does have a scabbard with a stock cover. Thanks for looking and good hunting.


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