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De-publicize, De-glorify and De-monetize Western State Hunting

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Jan 31, 2011
when you are a non profit with a mission to do good for the world and your not waving your 990 and bragging about the membership income from the base>>>>>>>>> SCAM ! You are really for self profit and promotion and you picked a cause. Big Donations roll in from some dudes who are just paying you for your work and they are really steering the boat.


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Apr 24, 2021
Mountain Pursuit didn't develop DDD, but when it came onto our radar we saw it aligned with what we've seen and have been advocating for several years now.

The brutal truth of hunting is that animals suffer and die for the hunter's recreation. Defending this politically is difficult in any environment, but what's happening now via the industry marketing onslaught and social media is this is out there for everyone to see and for anti-hunters to take advantage of. And they are, brilliantly.

The humane society is one of the biggest, most powerful anti-hunting organizations in the US. The humane society also funds dog and cat shelters around the country where dogs and cats are euthanized regularly and by the thousands. So why doesn't the humane society post photos of piles of dead dogs and cats with smiling shelter employees, and videos of dogs and cats being euthanized? Because it's politically stupid.

But this is exactly what hunters and the hunting industry does.

From the hunting industry side - "content" is produced to sell product, memberships, subscriptions, advertising, etc. Overglorification of western-state hunting is done to lure in eastern and midwestern hunters, or new western-state residents, and get them to spend a thousand dollars on camo, a thousand dollars on a new bow or 3 thousand on a new rifle, 1-3 thousand on optics, $600 on a backpack, and on and on. It's not that complicated.

The problem is it's political suicide. Below is MP's position on DDD:


Nation-wide, hunting is a dying tradition in the United States. Hunting's roots lie in rural areas and rural populations, and as the nation urbanizes, fewer young people will be introduced to hunting.

While rural America has been slowly dying, the interest in western state hunting has exploded - driven primarily by industry marketing and celebrity hunter self-promotion.

Mountain Pursuit strongly believes in the Depublicize, Deglorify and Demonitize (DDD) movement as it applies to western state hunting. Mountain Pursuit did not begin this movement, but rather found it aligns with many of the concerns and positions we’ve taken since our inception.

De-publicize, De-glorify & De-monetize Western State Hunting
Self-promoting hunters and the hunting industry leverage social media to attract eyeballs, which they quickly monetize via subscriptions, apparel and gear sales, memberships, sponsorships, etc.

Eastern and Midwestern white tail deer hunters and non-hunting newcomers to the west are the primary target audience for the hunting industry marketing and media onslaught. The aim is to extract dollars from this target audience.

Within the hunting industry, a corrupt “circle jerk” of celebrity hunters, hunting movie producers, gear/clothing manufacturers, internet hunting service companies (, etc.), podcasters, and approving mainstream hunting nonprofits stroke each other daily to keep content machine producing, audience growing, and money rolling in.

All hunting TV shows, movies, videos, podcasts and self-promoting celebrity hunters glorify western-state hunting. Hunting by its nature is a controversial activity and its glorified over-promotion will only bring unwanted attention and scrutiny from anti-hunters and non-hunters. This unwanted attention will ultimately increase political opposition to hunting in general, and western-state hunting in particular.

Filmed kill shots and dead animal photos are political suicide for the future of western-state hunting. Glorified, self-promoting hunting content is a direct political threat to the future of hunting in the western-state US.

Unlike the East, Western-state hunting is dependent upon hunting being allowed on federal lands - USFS and BLM. Under current law, it only takes a department rule or a Presidential Executive Order to severely restrict, or even end, hunting on federal lands. Even though the states manage the wildlife, and hunting can be a management tool, state governments cannot dictate to the federal government how to manage activity on federal land. Specifically, federal restriction on hunting on federal land happened during the Obama administration in Alaska, and is currently being proposed by the Biden administration, again in Alaska.

Hunting media increases hype and hunting pressure on western-state public lands. Self-promoting celebrity hunters and the hunting industry value money from new nonresident hunters over maintaining uncrowded, quality hunting experiences for western-state resident hunters.

Hunting at its core is about seeing, not about being seen. Cameras, microphones and film crews violate this true spirit of hunting, increase hunting pressure, and bring hunting unneeded attention and scrutiny from anti-hunters and non hunters.

Mountain Pursuit will fight to make hunting social media posting taboo and to forcefully embarrass/discourage self-promotors from hunting.
Initially I was intrigued as a new member to this forum (and a lifetime hunter)....

then I became curious about the OP’s frame of reference for his claims made in the post....

toward the end, and after reading what were clearly intended as nothing more than inflammatory remarks, my interest was lost in this post and the ”group” that the OP is apparently representing...but I still was curious about the responses from the forum members, so I read a few responses...

Finally, I read the administrators comments and gained even more respect (if that’s even possible) for what Randy and this forum stands for. For this I say “Thank you!” to the forum, the admin and the members who posted thoughtful comments. I‘m glad I joined this forum and will likely be spending some more time here.

Thank you.


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Feb 17, 2019
Im wondering if they did stop all OTC N/R tags sales what does that do to local sm business , Outfitters , resturants ,hotels
wouldnt that severly limit N/R hunting
I Have said b4 I have no outdoor channels on my TV and dont like a lot of outdoor TV but I think Randys stuff is done very tasteful and I watch a lot of his stuff (not brown nosing here Big fin lol) and will continue
And to tell folks what ,when where n how to live,work and hunt in a free country is a bit much


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Dec 9, 2015
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