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Mar 4, 2019
Back when my wife and I were engaged we decided that date night would continue after the I Do’s. At first this was easy, but now with 3 kids it’s a lot more challenging. COVID meant no babysitter for a year, and we adapted by having extra family nights instead but we missed our adult time. My wife is a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher and true breaks for her are few and far between. We have a babysitter now that is comfortable with being alone with our 1-year-old twins who have special needs, so date night has resumed! If we’re lucky, that means one night a month as long as everyone is healthy and no other wrenches mess up our plans.

Usually for date night we pick something my wife enjoys, but a couple Fridays ago when I got home from work she suggested we take the canoe out. She then laughed saying she hasn’t seen my eyes light up like that in a long time. She is more of a dinner and movie type, so this was a very generous offer.

After loading everything up, including a last-minute decision to toss a rod and a can of worms in the truck bed, swung by the local burger joint for a quick bite and some adult drinks, and then we were off to the lake.

No wind whatsoever, no biting insects, and a warm evening made for a perfect night on a glassy bay in the canoe. As the sun was setting the fish started top-feeding like crazy and my wife told me to cast where the fish were breaching. I just had a plain hook and a worm with me but it didn’t matter, fish were hitting left and right, including a walleye! I wasn’t even aware the lake had any. The last fish was a big carp which I was going to let go but my wife insisted we keep, so I said what the heck I’ll learn how to fillet and cook the thing. She wanted to keep fishing as the action was hot but I said we better get back home, the babysitter is waiting. Fun night! I have a wonderful wife.
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Carp was not too bad - scaled and took y-bones out, the used Bangladeshi spices and stewed with chopped onions. All our kids enjoyed eating it.


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Feb 24, 2020
Wife and I are 34 years on and Friday night date night has been here forever, even now while 2300 miles from our sons and grandson. Friday night is still date night


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Aug 3, 2020
North Pole, Alaska
Thats awesome. We are same boat - 5 kids, wife stay at home/homeschool. I work and do other activities. We try to do a date night 1-2 times per month minimum. Especially sucks with no family in the state we are in now - and during covid no baby sitters. We've been trying to be out more as we can but need to get back to doing it more frequently and same - my wife likes dinner and a movie - I'd rather do some activity or even just go for dinner and drinks. Its all good though - sounds like a fantastic evening for you guys!

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