Dani and I


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
We left around 4:30pm after Anthonys birthday to head up north and do some scouting for elk and lopes.
figures when I make it to ashfork the truck looses third gear.
We took it easy to unit 8 where we met Az402 and his hunters and alot of other people.,

Man did they have quite the set-up or what. full time cook TV vcr camp was like 1/2 mile wide. ;)

We shot the crap with them for a while and then Dani and I headed out spotlighting, we did see squat (which was unusal) about 11:00 pm I called it a night Dani wanted to do more but I was beat.

We pulled over on a dirt road and fell asleep. ;)

Alarm goes off a few times but just kept swatting it away. Finally got woken up by it buzzing in my ear (freaking bee's) was like 7:30.

we were way away from stand and his hunters , cause we didnt want to inteferr with them. we figured we would go hit a lake and see how the fishing was.
people were catching fish, while we were watching., the elk started to bugle ready loud. so dani and I decided to drive up to see if we could call a few in. about 8:30.

we get to the bottom of this little hill and she wants to walk up it but leave the bigger one alone.
one elk busted a huge bugle behind us on the big hill. Dani changed her mind.
we got to one spot and started calling, the whole mountain side responded. we started up the hill higher and higher. we had 8 bulls comeing from all directions, still couldnt see them due to how thick is was.
we start walking up more and could here them thrashing the trees.
it was quiet for about 30 mins and dani said blow it again, this time we had 4 with in 20 yards and couldnt see them, 1 behind us and 3 right in front.
we finally caught sight of one bull about 20 yards and he was easy 300+ had time for a shot also(if the season started) then about 10 mins later the one behind us came into view he was 300+ also and bigger than the first one.

finally gave up and started walking the ridge. I blew the call again and 2 bust out of beds and started grunting and thrashing. they had to be no more than 10-15 yards.
we saw them shadow by and they went out of site.

So dani and are are walking along the ridge again and it screamed then she screamed and I jumped. the thing was like 5 feet to the right of us. All we saw was fur and lots of it.

we went back to let stan know we had seen some bulls then headed out to scout some lopes (10:30 am)
Drove 65 miles and wanted to check on little spot about 3 miles off the free way. well we didnt make it that far I spotted a nice one right off the freeway.


Wasnt that tall but his horns twisted and he had lots and lots of mass., we watched him for a good hour and he wouldnt turn on us, 100 yards max shot.

so them we headed to another spot hit the dirt road and let Dani drive (shhhh dont tell mom)


we found a few p-dogs , she hasnt shot a gun in 3-4 years, she met her mark a few times


85 yards
this one she fired 2 times seems she was aiming at the head the first time


50 yards

I had her shoot at 100-200-300 and she hit all with in 1"

ok she was set for shooting

we saw this lope at 5 miles out
we got within a 400-500 hundred yards of stalking.

we just got home about an hour ago, truck idle tensioner seized up 8 miles from the house( I unloaded the truck and left it there LOL)

Dani had a blast and it was alot of fun being with her.
we saw about 30 lopes of those 7 were shooters and 3 were bigger than the 2 I have on the wall.
a few p-dogs one yote( no shot)
we spent 2-3 hours for elk saw 4 bulls 2 of which were shooters.

I am having serious thoughts of letting my elk tag goto my daughter as well, she is coming up friday morning, so I will decide then. If I dont have one by the time she shows up friday I might give that to her as well.

not bad for a days worth of work huh
Thats it I am going to bed now.



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Apr 5, 2001
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Delw- Great story and glad to see you getting to share time with your daughter. My three girls )oldest is 10-1/2) go with me every chance they get and its the most enjoyable part of the hunt.

...by the way, I let mine drive too


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Jan 12, 2004
Way to go Del.....sounds like one heck of an outing.....great pics, and better story.....and to be able to see that quality of animals.....what a blast !!

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