coon dog for sale?


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Aug 26, 2001
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A man responds to an ad in the newspaper about a coon dog for sale.
When he arrives at the seller's house he asks to see the dog.
The seller points to a dog laying on the porch and says, "That's him
right there". The buyer replies " You've got to be kidding, that dog
ain't got no legs". The seller says, "I know it sounds hard to believe but
I guarantee you that's the best coon dog in the county.
If you don't believe me, just load him up in this here wheelbarrow and take
him out behind the house and give him a try". Reluctantly the buyer
agrees to take the dog hunting and at dusk, pushes the dog out into
the woods in the wheelbarrow. The sun rises the next morning and the
man and dog have not returned. The seller goes out back and whistles
for the dog a couple of times but gets no response. Night comes and
the man and dog still haven't returned. The seller begins to get
worried. The following morning the seller sees the buyer and the dog
returning home from their hunt. The buyer is pushing a happy dog along in
the wheelbarrow. The dog has his tongue hanging out and tail wagging.
The buyer is all scratched up, muddy, bruised and has torn his clothes.
The seller asks, "what happened?" The buyer begins to tell the story of
what happened. "I took the dog out and he treed a couple of coons just
like you said he would. I was just thinking about buying him when the
darn thing jumped a deer." :D
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