Just wanted to post a notice to all of you in the RELOADING topics and will do so as well in the others. Starting today in the FIRESIDE under the heading FOR ALL OF YOU WITH LOVE FROM RAVENBEAUTY, I have begun to post pictures for your desktops that I have been painstakingly collecting from all over the net. I love these almost as much as my ShadowRider does! I wanted to share them with you folks. They are AWESOME! So be sure to check every day for a new one. I will put them under a new thread to save you loading time. TOMORROW I will begin to call them DESKTOP NUMBER 2 instead of like today. I hope you all enjoy! So come to the FIRESIDE tonight and get your first one! Be sure to check everyday because if one day a certain animal is not to your liking the next day might be just your cuppa tea