Colorado - New Zealand Hunt Swap


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Sep 12, 2014
New Zealand
After another amazing hunting adventure to Montana and Idaho I'm now back in New Zealand and decided its time to plan a return US hunt!

I'm looking at a CO deer hunt in November, so either 2nd or 3rd rifle season. I have 4 non-resident points. I haven't settled on a unit to apply for yet. My interest is more about the hunting experience, and seeing wild game, than trophies.

For all of my previous six western hunts I have arranged a hunt swap and they have all worked out great. So if you are a CO resident planning to hunt deer next year and would like to discuss a CO hunt swap please PM me.

I mainly hunt deer, chamois and tahr on public land typically kill representative sized animals. Occasionally I kill big trophies - 11.5 inch chamois, 14.25 tahr and a 13 point stag being my biggest. Monster stags that are advertised by the outfitters don't exist on public land. I hunt both bow and rifle, but mostly rifle. Hunting in New Zealand does require a good level of fitness e.g. climb 1000 - 2000 ft vertical a day. Unless we use a chopper of course :)

See "Other Hunting Locations" for my typical hunts. Here is a report from a guy i took hunting a couple of years ago -

As always happy to provide info on hunting New Zealand to anyone.

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