Closure of Caribou and Moose hunting in NW Alaska - again...


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May 19, 2018
I am booked with Golden Eagle for 2023. I haven’t reached out to them yet, as I figure they are swamped with other clients asking them questions for which they have no answers. I am in a bit of shock this happened. I know it has been in discussion for a while, but I did not believe this was the likely outcome. Who would have thought such a minor board could close millions of acres of public land to hunting so easily? As a hunter, even if you have zero interest in hunting caribou, this should give you nightmares!


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Sep 18, 2012
Some info here from the last closure.

Will have to check out those vids. Obviously, this whole thing sucks and yet again it seems like common sense is not common when it comes to game management. I REALLY feel for those that are already booked for hunts in the area. I'm just booking now for 2023 'bou in Northern Brooks, so I don't think we have direct impacts (as of now, anyway) but this kind of stuff really puts in your face that you need to hunt now because it's not going to be around forever.