Checking in from Southwest Wyoming


New member
Dec 19, 2018
First time poster, long-time lurker. I have thoroughly enjoyed Randy's content by podcast and YouTube for the past couple years. Watching and listening to Randy's work has led me to hunt talk. I have really enjoyed looking at the various gear reviews and seeing posts of the hunting success of various members here. I am currently based out of Southwest Wyoming where I enjoy some of the best public land, over the counter elk and deer hunting I have ever seen. In addition to deer and elk, I hunt antelope and a lot of upland game. When I am not hunting, I am fishing in the rivers and streams up here. I drew a pretty good bull elk tag as well as an additional late cow tag this year. I will be hunting over the counter mule deer as well. I look forward to continuing to grow as a hunter through interactions here and adding value to the hunt talk community.