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'Bou hunt for Sale


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I don't have alot of info, But recieved this Email from a Friend up in Canada. Please ask any questions here and I can Find out Or Directly Email him yourself :


I am the hunting director for the Traditional Bowhunters of Ontario, and have organized a Caribou hunt in Quebec for the first week in Sept. this year. I was also going to go, how ever my wife found a lump on her breast, (we are waiting for the results of her biopsy) plus the young offender jail I worked in full time was closed a few weeks ago. I am looking to sell my hunt for this fall at a reduced rate due to last minute timing. I paid $1,500.00 US - I am willing to sell it for $1,200.00 US.
Let me know if you could help me out or if you know anyone that would be interested just get them to e-mail me and I will inform them of all the details.
Thank you. Rick Spratt ricody@earthlink.net