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Sep 17, 2014
File this in the "it takes all kinds" folder.

So, I was over in Pagosa Springs, Co. yesterday, and a guy came walking out of a antique type store. He was carrying a huge brown 6pt. Bull antler. It would score big, with it's long tines and large mass. I asked if he bought it in the store, as I was curious how much they'd charge for it. He said "no", and that he was trying to sell the antler.
We struck up a conversation, and I asked if he'd found the antler around Pagosa? He said "yes", and described the find location. I then asked if he'd looked for the other antler, as it was so big, I wondered if the Bull would want to shake the other one off due to the weight inbalance? It might be pretty close to this find location. (?)
He said he hadn't looked for the 2nd antler, as he was pretty sure there were a lot of mountain lions around, and was too concerned about them to hunt for the antler.
What?? I told him if he found the other antler, and it was as good as the one he's holding, he'd get a pretty good price for a matched set. Maybe hunt for it with a stadium horn to repel those mountain lions! Ha!

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