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Foggy Mountain

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Jun 10, 2021
Many have extravagant ideas about training whoa. I’m big on a dog having manners. This teaches control, manners, and whoa.
You get a dog he’s a pup, say he’s a house dog, that’s even better.
In the morning you get up, bring him outside. Upon wanting to go back in he’s taught whoa. Once he comply somewhat you let him in. After the initial rush to get him out to pee every time whoa is taught.
Better yet, it’s feeding tube. Nothing worse than a fog freaking out than. That’s your scorecard, if it does you failed in a sense.
So he knows whoa, the command is absolute. He stays there til released.
You place him at whoa, get his good bowl, he’ll break. Put down bowl, reset and start again.
Everytime it moves, stop and reset him. Once the food is in bowl you’ll start to set it down, again he’ll break. Stop, reset, say whoa again if need be but often the dog will huff. He gave up there. Once the food hits the floor he’ll break. Pick it up, reset dog and try again. Once dog listens give your release command. Pretty quick it’ll release it gets whatever it want once you get what you want. You’ll have a 3 month old dog whoaing like a champ, once you start bird dog training, one less thing it must learn. It’ll already know that.
Whoaing ties into to manners. Put your dog on a tailgate to collar at a whoa command, dog has manners. Can’t get down til it complies right? Think about that and all the ideas branch off of that.
It’s whole life, every time it gets collared, eats, comes in, a quick whoa, it stands, you release it. Pretty simple way towards manners

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