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Almost Archery Bull!


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Jul 14, 2015
I forgot to tell you all about my archery elk hunt for this year. I have read most of the stories on here and really enjoy them. I wish mine had some pics to show but if you were out in the woods you saw some great country as well. Here goes...

Due to work and family obligations I was only able to make two weekend trips. I left work September 11th and got to my hunting area around 5:00. Since it was opening muzzleloader in Colorado there were quite a few campers and hunters in most of the good spots to camp. Since it was just me in a tent, I basically went to the top of the pass and picked a spot off the road. So I dropped off and set out. Friday night - nothing - no bugle - not much sign. Saturday morning I got a bugle response but got within 150 yards and the bull went on the DL. Saturday night more nothing. Sunday morning more nothing. I have been doing second season rifle hunts the past 8 years or so with no personal success even though I put more leather to the dirt than the rest at camp. It seems this unit is more forgiving to road hunters. I have taken nice deer so the 2nd season worked out.

Ok, I hit the maps and changed locations for weekend 2. What a change. Same thing, Friday night I got up there and had 2 bugle responses, chased the first one, I got set up and saw the bull at 75 ish yards coming fast. He held up at 40 yards behind trees, It felt like an eternity but after 30 seconds or so I let a cow call out and another 30 seconds goes by and he just turns an walks away. I needed 5 yards to even have visibility to shoot! What an adrenaline rush. As I walk back to the wheeler, a bear is walking up the trail, another first, I watch as he wanders by at 60 yards. As I settled into my sleeping bag a bull lets a bugle rip above my camp. Only 150 yards above camp and this bull is screaming and scraping. Pretty cool to hear. Saturday morning I was into anther bull but he shut up within 200 yards and never got closer. Saturday night the wind was howling and I was creeping through the woods and a bugle rips about 150 yards above me. Perfect, I am going to sit this time and call him to me. Well after 30 or so minutes of calling and responding and calling he shuts up. Sunday morning I wake to coyotes howling and barking like crazy. I howl back with response and just listen to the scerenade. The only reason they quit is because I got out of my tent and yelled to shut up. Ah silences.... oh wait now a bull bugle from the ridge above camp. Ok its dark now but if he stay close while I get ready, I am going after him. Twilight is here and he bugles just beyond the ridge above camp. Ok I am off after him. He stays a ridge ahead of me all morning but keeps responding to my calls until 10:00am and he shuts down. That's the season.

I am hooked! Hope to post pics of a bull next year!

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