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Feb 27, 2002
my trip didnt start as planned.chris had to fly in and i picked him up and took the big truck up to buffalo wy. when we got there no one seemed to know who we were.( thats another story and if you are even considering hiring an outfitter be sure you see the post ill put in the guides and outfitter section)

we got settled in and met our guide.first thing saturday morning we headed out to chase speed goats. we found out that we had to go to gillette wy to get to where the leased land was which was about 45 minutes away. i told chris i would wait until he got his to try for mine. almost as soon as we got to the ranch we could hunt on we saw a nice buck, by the time chris was set up on him he hopped the fence on to the adjoining property and slipped away. we were off to find another buck. soon we found one better than the first so we moved in as close as possible, he was with some does and they were starting to move away from us. chris set up and took a shot at about 175 yards, he was really excited and when he shot he knew he pulled it and readied for another shot. we warned him to be careful of the does the buck stopped between 250 and 275 yards he waited on a broadside shot and the buck dropped in its tracks. he hit it right in the neck, we cleaned it up a bit but its still pretty bloody with a shot like that sorry. while i was getting the camera set up to get a picture i heard sheeeeeeeeeeeit, i started to get on to him and saw him holding the horns and the lope spinning around him trying to get up.he never let go and i was laughing so hard i couldnt get on to him after that.
here he is with his buck

i thought it was great for a 12 year old
mine was a bit less exciting we saw another group with a bedded buck. we manuvered to get a closer shot from a better angle and saw a smaller buck feeding on the hill.after glassing both of them we determined that the smaller one had more mass and was a better scoring buck. plus he was a non typical(thats what the guide said) and he had a split cutter so i took that one at about 150 yards. mine also neck shot but not nearly as messy.the wind was pretty strong that day and i am guessing thats the reason for the drifted shots. i cant speak for him other than what he said but my crosshairs were right in the vitals.

by 11:00 in the morning we were finished with our hunt, fulfilled a lifelong dream to hunt antelope, and accompanied my son on his first fair chase big game doesnt get any better.

somewhere along the way i lost my hunttalk hat so we lost some points in the game but it was alot of fun


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Congrats to you Tim and to Chris also. Glad you were able to go on your antelope hunt and fill your tags. Thanks for the pictures and the story.


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I've been out chasin' deer with no luck yet So I thought I'd come back for a day to congratulated you and Chris !!!

Kudos on the hunt bud !!

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