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Dec 17, 2019
Hello All, I am interested to hear from from folks that guide, hunt in, or have hunted in AK. My wife and I thinking about taking a trip to AK in a few years, So I'm starting to think about equipment.

I'm a diehard 7mm guy. My personal opinion is the 7mag or 7wsm are the best calibers that's just my opinion. Through a series of events, my 7mag came back from Bergara as a 6.5prc... I've killed several deer with it and a gal we mentor killed her elk with it. It works great for deer I just think it's a little light for elk.. I know it's an unpopular opinion but like I said I'm a 7mm guy.

My question is, is a 7mag or wsm enough for AK, from everything I've read it is except for the big browns. I know guides have opinions but I think it's more on the big browns but I'm not 100% sure. I'm thinking of getting something bigger again for the every 3-4 years I elk hunt and wondering if I should go 33?



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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
What are you planning on hunting?

If you're planning to hunt brown bears, I'd opt for bigger. If just ungulates and probable bear encounters, go for it with a 7mag.

To be honest, I have a safe full of rifles from 22 -375 cal. I pack a 308 or 280 for sheep/caribou and a 300-375 for moose/bears depending on how I'm feeling, but if bears only the 375 takes a walk with me every time.

I've never, in my almost 40 years of hunting, heard someone say they wish they would have shot an animal with a smaller caliber/cartridge. No such thing as, too dead. :D Is there really any difference between a 175gr bullet out of a 7mag vs a 180 out of a 300? No. Is there a difference when compared to a 250-300gr bullet? Sure seems like it to me. Can they both kill equally well, yep. Does one offer a little insurance over the other? I haven't seen anyone hunt cape buffalo with a 7mag, just say'n, but I'm sure many were killed with 7x57.

Lots of things work, its all about your perception of risk and experience. I know plenty of guys praise the 6.5CM and use it for elk. I've seen a few truckloads of elk shot, with all sorts of calibers. I certainly wouldn't on purpose chose a CM over something bigger. I have a 260 and shot a lot of deer with it, but have zero reason to use it on elk considering the other options. YMMV.


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May 21, 2021
I don't hunt in Alaska but my USAF buddy retired to Palmer about 20 years ago. He hunts moose, caribou, dall sheep, and black bears with his Remington 30-06. 180 grain Core-lokt ammo for everything and has no problems. Your 7mm MAG will be fine. - TR


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Oct 3, 2009
BozAngeles, MT
I've hunted in Alaska three times. The first time was a DIY caribou hunt in 1980 and I used my .30 Gibb with 180 gr Partitions.

The second time was several years ago when I hunted Sitka Blacktail deer on Kodiak Island with my .308 Win and 150 gr Hornady Spire Point bullets.

And my last hunt there was two years ago when I hunted a Brown Bear in SW Alaska with my .375 RUM and 281 gr Hammer bullets.

Here at home in Montana I have killed elk with my 7 mm Rem Mag and was with a friend when he killed a B&C bull moose with one shot from his 7 mm RM.

If I was to hunt Alaska again for say, moose and grizzly bear, I would probably take my .300 Weatherby shooting 180 gr TTSX bullets. My second choice rifle for that hunt would probably wo work up a 175 gr TTSX load for my 7 mm RM and use that.
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