A turkey hunt under the wrong tree.


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Jan 15, 2019
Years ago I took a buddy up to the family farm for a chance at a spring gobbler. We headed up the 4 wheeler trail from camp on foot before daylight. We were headed to a spot where the hollow meets a big hay field and steep hill that meets the top of the ridge and a nice saddle above the hay field. We let out a few yelps just after daybreak and hear 2 gobbles echo thru the hollow one close. We scramble to a big old oak tree and setup. We settle in and after about 30 minutes we look at each other thinking what happened to this damn gobbler. Then we hear some rustling to our left. Oh shit Mike a bear in the beech brush about 75 yards out. We watch the bear and it's coming towards us. We are deciding what to do and then we hear something coming from above us. What the hell is that Mike? Sean there is 3 tiny cubs in the tree! What tree? The damn tree were sitting under Sean!! At this time I shouldered the 870 and mom is closing the gap fast, but still does not know we are there as far as we could tell. We start to back out with shotguns shouldered and mama is only 30ish yards and coming after a few steps we hear what I assumed was mama snapping her teeth and a deep grunting sound...we were busted! I looked at Mike and said I'm gone brother! And I just took off running as fast as I could the opposite direction. Mike followed a bit behind me not realizing I was seriously gonna take off. As I started running I heard some crashing but I never looked back until I was back at the camp. Never saw the bear again and didn't turkey hunt that part of the hollow the rest of that season. Mike got to camp and starting giving me shit for taking off running and not really telling him i was gonna do that and I just said your lucky I didn't push you down and then take off. We had a good laugh and took the 4wheeler across the road and hunted that part of the farm with no luck with the turkey that day. We still laugh and talk about that story 22 years later.