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A tale of two rifles


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Dec 19, 2020
I finally got the remington back the other day so thought I might do an update on these two. The kimber has been great. I've only tried two different loads, federal 180 gr power shok and 180 gr barnes ttsx. Both shot about 3/4 inch groups at 100 yds. I think it can do better if I do better. The remmy had a whole host of problems. The initial problem was it wouldn't chamber. The issue was the extractor was damaged. Took it back and they got it fixed. When I brought it home I took it to the back of my property and shot one round. That one fired round wouldn't extract. I think the prior owner forced the bolt to extract and that was how the extractor got damaged in the first place. I also checked the feeding from the magazine and it wouldn't feed the 3rd round. So I took it back and they said they would get it fixed. After months of waiting I finally got it back. They polished the chamber and adjusted the magazine spring tension. I fired 3 rounds and it seems to cycle ok. A bit stiffer than I like but I suspect that this is essentially a brand new rifle so should smooth out with use. I put the trigger tech back in it and mounted an old scope I had sitting around. I haven't gotten to the range yet but things are looking promising.
Glad to hear they've appeared to fix things for you.

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