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Apr 8, 2020
I have a rifle chambered for the round everyone loves to hate, 6.5CM. I love that little round. Back when I bought the rifle chambered for it, I'd never even heard of the Creedmoor. I had always been enamoured with the 6.5 Swede, and when I was doing research on it, I learned about the Creedmoor and figured, why not? Ballistic performance is basically identical (granted, Swede can be loaded hotter if you roll your own), and unlike the Swede, CM factory ammo is a lot more common and easy to find, and significantly cheaper as well, so I bought the Creedmoor.

However, being the nostalgic, history loving fuddy duddy that I am, I still entertain buying a rifle chambered in the Swede. I feel like I'm missing something, if that makes sense. Not that I need it. Between my 6.5CM and my .270 Win, I'm pretty much covered for anything I will ever hunt, but a Sako Bavarian, or Grey Wolf chambered in that round beckons me lol.

Those of you that own both the CM and the Swede, do you have a preference for one over the other, and if so, why?

And more immportantly, since I'm going to likely have to invest in reloading equipment if I really want a Swede, what are the best sources for brass? Also, what brass? From what I've read, Lapua and Norma brass are the way to go, as the case heads on some of U.S. made brass is undersize.

Also, for those of you that reload for it, what dies do you use?

And finally, where can I find reloading data for modern loads?
I have Nosler and Hornady reloading manuals that seem to have some load data that pushes its performance for modern rifles. Any other good sources I can look at?

Thanks, in advance.
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Don Fischer

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Jun 27, 2017
Ya know, I think what you need to do is get a 6.5x55 and try it. Take both the CM and the Sweed, with the same bullet and make a shot on game using, and hitting, the same point of aim and if one kills the animal, so will the other. I've never tried a Creedmoor but am on my third 6.5x55. If there's a secret to the 6.5x55 it's that it has relatively little recoil compared to other cartridges and when good bullet's are used with well placed shots, the outcome is always the same. Dead animal. I sound like a kill joy! But I would like to have either a 6.5 CM or a 260 Rem someday just to fool with. I think my thoughts on either will depend on how well I like the rifle if it shoots well. Strange thing probably my all time favorite hunting rifle was a Rem 660 in 308. Not the best looking rifle, probably not even in the top 25! pretty ugly! But that sucker just worked for me. Carried that old thing fishing in bear country with friends when I was up in Alaska. Loaded with 200gr bullets that shot only about 2" groups at 100yds, I never felt under gunned with it. Never had to prove it either! Someone will say there's the catch, not for me. I had tremendous faith in that old rifle. Everything I ever pointed it at and shot simply died! Find the rifle you really like and get it in 6.5x55 and pretty sure your gonna like it!

Basic truth is we buy certain rifles because we like the way they look and feel. We choose cartridge's because for some reason we think one bullet placed in the brain of an animal will kill better than another! That is mostly in your head. How do you tell aa guy that thinks his 243 is an elk cartridge that actually it isn't? he's killed 20 elk with it generally with one shot, for him it works because he knows how to work it.


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Aug 2, 2020
While I only have a Swedish Mauser in 6.5x55 my wife's go-to is a .260 Remington, essentially the same thing and she has scores of one-shot kills on deer and antelope. The problem now will be finding brass; buy that first, and, you're right, Norma and Lapua are great. We use Redding dies.

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