2nd hunt, 1st bull!


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Oct 17, 2017
Bethlto, Illinois
This was my second elk hunt ever and my first time with a 1st season bull tag in my pocket. We were hunting the Dunkley Flat tops are of northwestern Colorado. We scouted on Friday the 15th with 8-10' of new snow. The hike from camp to the top of the flat tops was a brutal 1/14 mile zig zag climb from hell. Not to mention the 800 vertical feet of elevation gain. All 4 of us were glassing this wide draw and spotted a beautiful muley buck bedded about 250 yds away and the spotted a blonde 6x6 beast of an bull elk bedded no to far from the muley buck. I decided that this was my spot for opening morning. The next morning I was there in my spot just before sunrise. I had my binos attached to my tripod to help me pick apart this draw in front of me. I was there for approximately 10 minutes or so before i looked across the draw and on the opposite side there he was. A bronze brown 5x5 headed for tie pine thickets on the top. I pulled my binos out of the tripod and threw them into the snow next to me, put the shooting yoke into the tripod I grabbed my rangefinder. It read 315yds I flipped my scope covers open, dialed my Leupold VX-5 to 315 and held dead on him. My 7mm barked and it staggered him. almost immediately my second round impacted him and he dropped in his tracks. It all happened so fast! Then the real work began. Me and 3 of my hunting party made quick work of him and carried down off of the mountain and back to camp. Thanks to Tom, Chris and Justin. What an experience. I cant wait to go back next year! elk 1.jpg elk 2.jpg elk 3.jpg

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