2021 Minnesota whitetails.


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Dec 23, 2020
Pretty darn good season again this year. Opening morning I was sitting in my stand early watching shooting stars. Started seeing movement by the woods early. About 7:45 I saw a buck 300 yards off and tried a shot using my trigger sticks. Blew the shot as just wasnt enough room in the stand to use it properly. i was directly downwind of the deer so the shot didn’t even scare it. It slowly walked into the woods as I was trying to setup for a second shot. Decide shooting sticks are out. 8:00 I see a buck slowly walking along the edge of the woods at 150 yards. I slowly stand and lean my support hand against the frame pillar of stand and shoot it a little far back. It mule kicks and takes off looking like a good hit. I continue to hunt as I am party hunting with several cousins on the same property. 15 minutes later I see another buck about 250 yards away along the woods. I quickly stand and lean my elbow on the stand and made a great double lung hit on him and he stumbles a little and drops. 10 minutes later I see a buck get up from right where the last one dropped! I quickly stand and shoot him as well thinking it was same deer. He stumbles into brush and drops. I decided then I was quitting my hunt and going to see what I had. Saw the first buck laying in the woods a ways dead so went to the other location. Found 2 bucks laying 10 yards apart! The last one I shot turned out to be the biggest all around. It was hit through front of near shoulder and bullet fell apart on far shoulder. The Tikka T3x 6.5 creed shooting 129 grain interlocks performed great on these 3 bucks. The other 2 had large exit wounds. Lots of good meat to share all around. Midweek my 13 year old daughter got a good doe with a neck shot. Missed spine so needed a finishing shot. Second weekend my cousins got 2 more bucks on the property where I got the first 3. Got my skull back and hanging already.
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