2021 KS whitetail breakdown


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Dec 19, 2020

Deer are great creatures and I'm lucky I have the opportunity to be around them.

My company rents hunting ground in SE Saline Co.

Day 1:
Last wednesday was the first day of the season and it started off very slowly.

Up until noon I didn't see anything, but noon that day was the most excited I was all that day.
Me and my hunting partner were sitting in the truck eating lunch when I pointed out this huge ol first day shooter about 360 yards away. Him and I hopped out of the truck, grabbed our rifles, and took aim. I let him have at it because I don’t keep antlers. So he attempted to shoot, rifle went “click,” and he realized he didn’t have a round chambered. The buck then chased after a doe and we didn’t see him again.

The rest of day 1, I didn’t see much until later in the evening. At around 4:30 there was a family of deer (a doe and three fawns) that passed through the creek. I thought the doe was a bobcat originally so I was gonna blast it.
When the crosshairs found her, she was looking at me from about ten yards away. She continued to look at me for ten minutes before yelling at me and running off.
Her fawns were still around me so she yelled at them to get their butts over to where she was.

The was the end of day 1.

Day 2:
Didn’t see anything until 5 minutes before shooting light ended. BIG 10 point buck. I took a clean shot at him from about 40 yards away and from what I can tell, the bullet miraculously missed him.
I know TTSX have complaints about not leaving a blood trail, but the buck didn’t even act shot and when I went to look for him, I found nothing.

End of day 2.

Day 3:
I saw absolutely nothing until thirty minutes before shooting light ended. Couldn’t take a good shot so I didn’t.

End of day 3.

I guess this would have been day 8 if I had hunted every day, but I had work and wanted to spend time with my wife and child.
But I felt the urge to leave work early to go out today. So I left at 3:00 for the field.
When I got there I didn’t even have time to fully park before I saw what I thought was a huge doe about 100yds away on one of the wheat fields.
I thought okay shoot why is this doe so huge. She was polite enough to let me get out of my car, get my orange on, load my rifle, get steady, and take a shot.
I again thought I missed because it didn’t act super shot and I, again, didn’t find any blood splatter. So I chalked it up to another fail.
While I was walking through the creek to the field on the other side, I looked back to where I came from. Lo and behold, 100 feet from where I shot her, she was dead. I couldn’t see it from where she was shot because it was slightly over a hill.

I walked over to where she laid and thought oh boy this is a big ol doe. Except when I opened his back legs I was met with the reasoning for the size: testicles. It still is the largest button buck I’ve seen, so I’m happy about that.
I initially thought I didn’t get a full pass through, which I found odd. Upon field dressing, though, I found both the entrance and exit wound.

This shot makes me really think I actually hit that first one I shot at. I’m going to go out and search for him tomorrow evening. If I got him then I’ll call the game warden and deal with the consequences.

Anyways, 25-06 Remington for the win.
115 gr Partitions over a max load of IMR 4831 were the medicine on this.
I know I’ve posted on here stating that I only use monos because I chipped a tooth last year on a lead fragment I found in one of my roasts, but I ran out of monos in 25 caliber. So I went with the next best option.


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