2021 Alaska moose


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May 25, 2021
colorado springs
This was my 3rd DIY hunting trip to Alaska, after 2 successful caribou hunts, I was going with a resident friend for moose. We were approx. 270 miles north of Fairbanks, and had river access with my friend's airboat. We made it to the river and had camp set up by 6pm on the 11th, and spent the evening cow calling every 30 minutes. The next morning around 11am, I spotted a big bull down river about 600 yards away. I made my way to the down river end of our gravel bar island, with hopes that the bull would hear our calls and turn way. I suddenly heard grunts coming from the opposite direction, and to my surprise another bull was coming in from the up river direction. I made my way back to the other end of the gravel bar and found a good seat on a drift log. I had a good rest on my shooting sticks as the bull stood broadside 200 yards away. I probably should have kept calling in an attempt to bring the bull across the river, but the anticipation of harvesting my first moose took over!. I could see that the bull sported 4 brow tines on his left side, so I didn't worry about trying to estimate if he was 50 inches wide. I put the 200 yard crosshairs of by BDC scope on his chest, about 8 inches down from his spine, and 8 inches behind his left shoulder. On the first shot I saw him hunch his shoulder a bit, but he just stood there. I chambered another round and fired again, and he continued to just stand there. I moved closer by about 10 yards and rested my Winchester Pre 64 Model 70, chambered in .270, on the limbs of a willow bush. I shot again, and this time he started to move toward the timber, and I threw another round at him, although I don't think it hit. We spent about 45 excruciating minutes before loading up in the airboat and traveling across to where he disappeared into the timber. It was a short search, as he laid not more than 30 yards away. He measured 55 inches and had 4 brow tines on the left side, and 3 on the right side, with another one broken off. Three shots connected in a 2 1/2 inch group. The rest of the day was spent quartering him out and moving the meat to a safe area. Two days later my friend filled his tag with a 52 1/2 inch, 4x5. We were done and off the river in 6 days, and before the bottom fell out of the weather.

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