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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    I was fortunate to take another first time hunter out west with me this year. His father as well as my 13 YO joined us for this hunt. This hunter happens to be a paraplegic and I am trying to help him get back into hunting more. For his first hunt I thought it would be best to go after a doe...
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    Any old Mauser experts in here? 8x57J rifle

    This was my grandpas, he didn't know much about it, and I am having a hard time finding info. I do know it is a .318 rifle.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. Remington 700 .375 RUM. I have another and don't really need two in this caliber. scope and rail NOT INCLUDED . Shoots a 260 grain accubonds around 3,100 fps. Stock is a hougue w/ aluminum pillars. $600 OBO
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    Remington Fieldmaster 121

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. In great shape for the age, does have some light nicks on the butt stock. $700 OBO
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    Remington 700 458 LOTT

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. Its a Remington 700 safari, it started out as a .458 win mag but was rechambered to .458 Lott. I have 21 pieces of brass to go along with it, will need to be trimmed and sized. Barrel does have some bluing that wore off. Scope is included...
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    Favorite time of year to hunt them?

    Not talking about opening week or last week. Wondering what is everyone's preferred time to hunt antelope? I have hunted them in early to late Sept as well as late Oct. Earlier hunts are hotter but weather is usually more stable, where the later hunts it can be very unpredictable. The...
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    Amazon Prime Wardrobe

    I thought I would share for those who might not know. But they have several brands of boots that are available to "try before you buy" through their wardrobe program.
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    POW 2021 bear hunt, who is applying?

    I am planning on making a trip, provided I draw a tag, I am wondering who else is also planning a hunt to the island?
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    POW 2021 bear hunt, who is applying?

    I am planning on making a trip, provided I draw a tag, I am wondering who else is also planning a hunt to the island?
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    Annual trip to MN boundary waters

    Made my annual trip into the boundary waters of MN. Wind was a little rougher then normal, so was hard to keep canoe in position and was hotter than normal, mid 80's. Only averaged 50 fish a day, which is still nothing to complain about. Not sure if its a timing thing but the smallmouth average...
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    2021 SE AK bear hunt party app question

    Starting to create a plan, one thing I am having trouble is finding info on the party app. How many people can apply together?
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    Son's elk rifle

    My 12 year son drew a WY cow tag this year, so that is a good enough reason to buy him another gun. He currently has a Rem 700 243, but want something bigger for this hunt and future hunts. I was thinking 7mm-08, or maybe a 6.5 creedmoor. Well on the way home Kansas hunting turkeys, we stopped...
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    2019 Kansas Rio's

    Took my 12 YO son to Kansas for spring break and to get him his first Rio Grande turkey. He has two Easterns under his belt and now two Rio's, half way through his slam. First morning we set up on a roost site, it was a bright morning and they were already talking while climbing in the blind...
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    Danner pronghorn or under armour bozeman speed freak 2.0?

    Looking at getting the next pair of boots for hunting all things out west. Won't be wearing these in my home state. I use knee high rubber boots. I'm torn between these two in an uninsulated version. Looking for reviews.
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    Indiana deer and turkey expo

    Anyone going to be there on the 23rd, that might want to meet up? Grab a drink, talk hunting.
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    First IN buck in four years

    Well its been three seasons since I bought a deer tag in IN. Four years ago I got my son, 9 at the time into deer hunting. I decided I wouldn't hunt and just enjoy the woods and experience with him. He got a button buck his first year, then a buck and a doe every year since. Well he got his buck...
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    lots of guns for sale

    I am selling the following guns for my grandfather. Shipping and FFL transfer fee's (if shipping) will be agreed upon in final purchase agreement. The best way to contact me is through email or text message, I may not see reply's. You can contact me at or 574-202-0622...
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    bullets/brass for sale

    Selling off some of my grandfathers reloading components to help them pay for assisted living. I have not looked into shipping cost yet, so for now we will consider components list price plus shipping, but I can work out final price with shipping with the buyer. If you need anymore details...
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    MT antelope

    Was finally able to get my son out west on his first hunt, as well as his grandpa for his first as well. First afternoon we found a good buck and had to make about a mile stalk to get into shooting position. My son got first crack if it was in his range, if not Grandpa got the nod. Well when we...
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    Browning x-bolt question

    I have sent a couple emails to browning without a response, so I'll see if anyone in here may know? Is the stock on their hell's canyon (non McMillan) the same as the regular composite x-bolt? They look identical other then the color. If this is true, then what is the difference between the two...