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  1. the nikster

    Stuck between states, a mild rant

    Situation is this. I own a home in Idaho which I have not lived in for several years, been rented out the entire time. I work on the road. 3 months here, 6 months there, a year there, etc. I have the cabin in Alaska. We want to live there and retire there. 18 months ago I went to the DL office...
  2. the nikster

    Daughter got duped

    So, if you have listened to me at all you know I lost my dog a bunch of years ago. Promised myself I would never love again. Been going strong for about a decade. Last week I was talking to my daughter about my old dog. It was a dusty dirty day and my allergies flared up while we talked. She...
  3. the nikster

    Got Scoped/Report

    Last Thursday, the 21st, I flew back to Idaho to get my knee scoped. I got my right knee scoped on Friday, December 22 at 6:30 am. I had a torn meniscus and some trash floating around, folding over, etc. That afternoon I walked up and down the stairs on crutches being very careful but I still...
  4. the nikster

    Deer Pics

    My wife and I are not deer hunting this year, not with rifles anyway. We got up early and grabbed her camera. The idea was to get some prerut activity. We saw lots of does, lots of bucks. Every mature buck was either cruising for does or tending does. This little guy crossed the road looking...
  5. the nikster

    Gonna getta moose

    Going out this morning for the first time this year. My wife drew a moose tag in a short range weapon area near Idaho Falls. With her skill and my luck, this could happen quickly. We have to leave town for business late next week just to add a bit of pressure. Gonna try the muzzleloader cuz...
  6. the nikster

    Yellowstone Destinations

    I am taking my wife to Yellowstone on Wednesday for a couple of days. We have been there several times and have seen the usual attractions. Any ideas of some sights you might suggest that don't make all the guides?
  7. the nikster

    AMEX Bennies

    I have an AMEX card that they tell me I can use to get 1 free airline companion ticket per year. Can anybody explain the process by which I would collect this benefit? Any special rules I need to look out for?
  8. the nikster

    Ideas requested

    I am going on another adventure up north and planning on trying some pre-prepared meals. For instance, I am going to fully cook a ribeye and some beans, maybe boil up some spuds, then seal them with my food saver. I am looking at feeding 3 men for four weeks. Breakfast will be organized on site...
  9. the nikster

    Can I use a bit of your Alaskan garage?

    A couple of my closest friends and I will be flying into ANC around the middle of August to work on my cabin. I would like to send a 4x4x4 crate full of stuff (mostly camping supplies and clothes) ahead to pick up when I get there. I am looking for someone who would be willing to let me ship to...
  10. the nikster

    I'm bored.

    In my spare time I cruise the inter web. I avoid sites my wife and church might find inappropriate. Facebook, hunttalk, AOF, MM and news take up some time. What other sites, hunting or not, are good wormholes to fall into? YouTube, I do that too.
  11. the nikster


    The following quote comes from an article I just read about another shooting. Without getting into the "who does/does not matter" discussion, I want your opinion on the quote. The officers "behaved like big game hunters closing in on an animal," said John Burris, a lawyer for the family of...
  12. the nikster

    Proud daddy

    My daughter and her boyfriend both drew bull tags in Idaho. I gave them all the information And coaching I could from 3000 miles away. Opening day they got 2 bulls. If they send pics I'll get them posted.i will also tell the story. She will probably post it on Pintrest ,Facebook and Twitter...
  13. the nikster

    Idaho owes me...

    Nothing. I have been applying for 3 species most years since the draw system started. I have not drawn a limited permit since 1991. But I have no sour grapes because... My wife has drawn 2 bull elk tags and an antelope tag and my daughter has drawn a bull moose and a bull elk tag recently. If...
  14. the nikster

    Passing it on

    Monday morning I head south to get camp set up and do some quick scouting. Monday evening a friend who shot his first deer this year will arrive in camp. He only has 30 hours given his heavy work schedule so we have our work cut out. Wednesday my cousin and his grandaughter will be in camp for...
  15. the nikster

    Ol what's his name!

    A bunch of years ago there was a pro fisherman who squealed and yelled and made a scene every time he caught a fish. Soon others on the circuit were imitating the abrasiveness. Happily, the cacophony has subsided for the most part. (i watched tv fishing-dont judge me.) Lately it seems the...
  16. the nikster

    My 10th Alaska

    My wife and I are heading up on Tuesday for 3 weeks to work on the cabin. Just bragging, just saying. We'll be in ANC and FAI and just about everywhere in between as we travel. If you see an old fat guy driving a uhaul pickup with a pretty blonde wife, stop and say hi.
  17. the nikster

    Bear info swap?

    I have hunted many years, most of them successful by one measure or another. I would like to archery hunt for bears in Southeast Idaho this spring but really don't know where to start. Anybody want to take me out bear hunting? I would be interested in sharing elk and mulie tips as well as...
  18. the nikster

    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

    I have seen the videos of these guys and their weight loss. I also saw the one guy relapsed and put the weight back on--sad for him. 6 days ago I weighed 289.4 lbs. I ate a normal diet until wednesday when I switched to all fruits and veggies, mostly veggies. Thursday night, for dinner, I...
  19. the nikster

    For starters?

    My wife and I would like to get into reloading to improve our grouping (although we are both really happy with factory results so far). It would be another way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. I own (2) 7mm Rem Mag rifles and she LOVES her new .243 WIN. We would need to be able to...
  20. the nikster

    Uploading troubles

    Folks, I have hundreds of photos of my wife on her elk hunt. I have been trying to add them to the text. About 40% of the time it does not work and says I am missing a token. About 40% of the time it just says the upload failed. So about 80% of the photos cannot be used. I have pics from my...