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    Any old Mauser experts in here? 8x57J rifle

    This was my grandpas, he didn't know much about it, and I am having a hard time finding info. I do know it is a .318 rifle.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    . Its a fairly light rifle, so recoil is still stout. If it doesn't sell I would put a different break on it and switch to a heavier bullet, probably the 331 sledge hammer. But were talking about a gun with over 5,500 FT LB's of energy at the barrel.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    I don't know exact number, but it is under 300. Was never shot more then 3 times before barrel cool down either.
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    Remington 700 375 RUM

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. Remington 700 .375 RUM. I have another and don't really need two in this caliber. scope and rail NOT INCLUDED . Shoots a 260 grain accubonds around 3,100 fps. Stock is a hougue w/ aluminum pillars. $600 OBO
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    Remington Fieldmaster 121

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. In great shape for the age, does have some light nicks on the butt stock. $700 OBO
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    Remington 700 458 LOTT

    Making room for new projects and letting this one go. Its a Remington 700 safari, it started out as a .458 win mag but was rechambered to .458 Lott. I have 21 pieces of brass to go along with it, will need to be trimmed and sized. Barrel does have some bluing that wore off. Scope is included...
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    Big Game/Large Caliber lever action

    Hard to beat the 45-70 and ammo is still easy to find. Especially since a lot of stated that didn't allow rifles for deer are starting to let some of the straight cartridges be legal.
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    Two blade or three

    4 blade slick trick
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    Good youth rifles. What do y'all recommend?

    I would go with a remington 700 youth, then upgrade the stock when he gets bigger. 243 or 7mm-08
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    They only work as good as you can keep it pointed at the game. That means during draw and release. Pretty easy to run though
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    17 yr old daughter recoil shy, need advice please.

    Not sure on that states muzzy laws, but PRbullets makes some light bullets for the 50 cal, all the way down to 175 grain. I have shot their dead center bullets in my .45 cal smokeless with great results.
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    TC Triumph barrel rust

    Put some pb blaster on the rusty area, run a brass brush through then switch to a steel tornado style for the thicker areas.
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    Elevation and shooting question

    400 yards is easy for bullet drop, below is a 308 reference from 1000, 5000, 9000 feet of elevation, only a couple inches difference. But look at wind drift effect at different elevations. This is why I run a drop chart tapped to the side of my rifle. Because in the heat of the moment, you may...
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    Elevation and shooting question

    Jeremyc is spot on, and we haven't even brought up coriolis effect at extended ranges.
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    Elevation and shooting question

    If you are going to shoot past 500 yards and hunt at extremely different elevations then yardage turrets are a waste of time. Stick with MOA or Mrad and print out a drop chart for the elevation you plan to hunt. Below is my 300 WM shooting a 215 berger at 2860, 10 mph 90* wind angle. Top row...
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    Where does all the rifle BS come from?

    Here is a very good article on the subject.
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    .325 WSM for elk

    Is a great elk cartridge, look at using 200 accubonds
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    Alaska Moose Buggy

    that should work lol, nice looking build
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    Beat the odds

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    Ammo and Optics for 7mm-08

    I would try out Nosler 140 accubonds, Hornady 139 interlock, Federal 140 trophy copper As for scopes, I am a fan of vortex, 3-9 or 4-12 power should do what you need.