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    Black bear scenario

    This is a crappy picture of the first bear I've ever seen while hunting. He was about 1200 horizontal yards away and about 800 ft above us. We watched him for a bit and when it looked like he was slowing down, we started a desperate sprint through downfall, trying to cut the distance. We got...
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    2021 Spring Turkey hunting

    I worked the same henned up Tom this morning to no avail. Got bored and went glassing for bears instead. I'm gonna try run and gun in a new spot tomorrow
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    2021 Spring Turkey hunting

    All I called in this weekend. I'll be back after turkeys this week, splitting time with bears come Thursday. Hope everyone is having a good spring.
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    2021 Spring Turkey hunting

    Season opens tomorrow. I overslept my alarm and got into the woods late. No gobles but the hens were sure fired up still. Can't wait for the morning!
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    No Masks....Would you?

    No. I work with seniors and refuse to put their health at risk. Makes me sad how many people are.
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    Darn knees

    I'm glad this thread led to so much great info. My doctors now think its just psoriasis and inflammation; I don't have the markers for arthritis, so I'm very relieved. I still have knee pain when I sit too much, so I've been hiking or running everyday. Just one more excuse to go outside!
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    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Exploring, post holing, and a little sledless sledding.
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    New home - What would you do?

    If you're building in MT, just make sure to get a 641 acre lot. Think about prevailing winds and where your snow drifts are going to accumulate. Mud room or garage to keep you gear in. Long hallways to shoot your bow in.
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    Sunday Pic of the Day

    A little early scouting. Still can't find reliable water in these mountains, but its gotta be there.
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    2021 Spring Turkey hunting

    That sounds a lot like my scenario.. For relatively dorky birds, they sure can be majestic. Have you ever hunted them in MT?
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    2021 Spring Turkey hunting

    That definitely tracks. These birds seem to roost on every mountainside, bouncing between at least 4 roosting locations I've found. They seem to like the steep and nasty
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    2021 Spring Turkey hunting

    Went out yesterday to do some glassing. Didn't want to get too vocal yet. Found tracks where I expected to, so it looks like they are sticking to their patterns. At least until I'm in the woods with a shotgun.
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    Gender roles polls

    You can't not like this guy, even while disagreeing with him. I'm going with whoever rolled an ankle recently. But to be honest, my mountain house farts are usually more than enough to keep the bears at bay.
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    First-hand experiences of women hunters

    It may be. A lot of urges are hard wired, like the urge to punch someone you don't agree with, or to lash out against someone that hurt you. Both are unacceptable in civilized society. My point with the hunting picture was that I was paying more attention than to the other pictures. To borrow...
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    Randy Byers, a mentor memory

    Beautiful sentiments. Thank you Ben
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    First-hand experiences of women hunters

    Thank you for posting. Made me look at myself and how I act. I've had the pleasure of mentoring my sister in hunting, and now realize how often I tout her as an oddity. I realize I treat her differently than my male hunting partners, always checking on her and making sure she's ok. Some of that...
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    Vension ribs

    Looks delicious. I do a simple version in the oven if I can get the rib racks out whole
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    We ate the wolf......Yummmm!

    This is great. Meat is meat and waste is waste, good on you for trying it. Perhaps brining and braising low and slow would help keep the moisture in?
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    Soaking wild pork in ice water

    As far as aging, I don't know much. Before cooking however, I always use a cold water bath for a few hours with any kind of meat. Just did it with some fish that sat in the fridge a day too long. Use really clean water (I use RO) to establish an osmotic gradient. Water pulls out the blood and...
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    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Sure would've been a good day for the snowshoes I left at home.

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