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    Black bear scenario

    This is a crappy picture of the first bear I've ever seen while hunting. He was about 1200 horizontal yards away and about 800 ft above us. We watched him for a bit and when it looked like he was slowing down, we started a desperate sprint through downfall, trying to cut the distance. We got...
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    My First Turkey

    Got up early and went right back to where we put them to bed last night (after my sister shot hers). Walked in while it was still dark, then circled around under him once he started putting. Made sure my shot was safe and squeezed the trigger the first minute of legal light. I won't claim that...
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    3 down, 2 to go

    My buddy got his buck Saturday afternoon, just in time for the freezing rain to start. He wanted to get him out whole, so we lashed it to a pole and got it 1.5 miles before we had to stash it and get to the truck. Wet clothes, high winds, and dropping temps forced us out. Went back the next day...
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    My sister's first buck

    My sister decided to hunt this year, which shocked us all, as she was never really an outdoorsy person. We started this summer, hiking and scouting, getting in shape for the task. We also worked on shooting, making sure she was comfortable with the gun and could shoot in various positions. She...
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    I feel lower than a bowlegged caterpillar

    Got my first Hungarian Partridge today....but I couldn't recover him. I got excited after the shot and instead of keeping my eye on where he fell and dropping my pack to mark where I shot from, I lost my head, took my eye off of where it fell, and then stumbled through knee high grass for a...
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    Darn knees

    I've recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which so far means a couple sores and aching knees and hands. The hands I can deal with, but you all know how important knees are this time of year! I've been scouting a good deal and my knees feel ok while I'm going, but are really stiff in...
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    Hunting the thick stuff

    I'm starting to figure out tactics for spot and stalk. (I think) I know what types of places to camp in, where and when to glass, etc. I'm blessed to live in a part of montana with plenty of open country to hunt, and I look forward to long glassing sessions. I also have a short attention span...
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    Still learning - 4 days in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness

    I had the distinct privaledge of spending last Thursday through Sunday in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness area. We hiked into a series of covered ridgelines and set up camp tucked back on top of the tallest, about 5600 ft. The first day was mostly spent getting in (we were much fatter...
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    Hunting in the Rain

    I hate rain. I have bear camp coming up this week, Thursday through Sunday. Forecast shows a high chance of rain most of the week, so it looks like we will be hunting while wet. I was wondering if those of you with more experience have any tips or tricks for camping and hunting in the rain...
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    Missoula-area bear hunt

    Anybody in Missoula have Wednesday morning off? I'll be there for work and plan to go chase bears in the morning. I hope to walk some logging roads and try to glass some open clear cuts. Looking north of Frenchtown or Bonner. Anybody interested in walking their rifle with me?
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    Adventures of a Rookie

    Although I started hunting when I was a kid, we never really hunted the right way. We got up too late, went home too early, and rarely left the comfort of the truck. We stuck to the non-productive areas we had always hunted because we knew them. Because of this, I regarded hunting as a game of...
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    Do turkeys like the snow?

    Turkey opens in MT on Saturday, and I have the next two days off to scout. I planned on hitting it hard this weekend, but now there is a winter storm warning with some sources saying almost a foot of snow. Will this cause the birds to stay in their roost? I only have a few days because bears...
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    What type of food source?

    I am taking a crack at black bear hunting this year and have identified a few spots I'd like to try. One is nice and open and should be great for glassing, but I'm not sure what food sources to concentrate on. I'm in MT and the land I'm hunting is @ about 5500 ft average, not much water that I...
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    Bagged some trophy country

    I had an excellent day scouting on Sunday and found some new ground to explore. Even stashed some water for bear camp. I can't tell you how nice it was to get away from the panic for awhile. Can't wait to go back.
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    Is it October yet?

    Just set plans to go out East (as far East as I like to go) for opening day. We will have about 3,000 acrea of private coulees, ag fields, windrows, and sage flats all to ourselves. We only have 2 whole days to hunt, but my longest hunt there so far was about 2 hours, so we should be able to...
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    Anyone have an old tripod they want to get rid of?

    I recently came into a vortex viper and need a tripod for it. It is heavy as hell, so a weight saver would be a plus. I'm not a rich man but I'd pay a fair price.
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    A post that is about hunting

    Seems like there are a lot of bored folks on here getting after each other rather than sharing hunting stories and advice, so I thought my little story might help remind us why we are on here....because we like to hunt! My buddy and I decided to check out some meadows near rimini. It was 75...
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    Anybody buy there MT tags yet?

    I just bought my resident tags on Sunday, the first day of FWPs new online system. I ordered the Sportmans package with bear, but when I printed my tags, no bear kill tag. Just says "with bear" on sportsmans license. Also, there are no dates to cut out. Just says what type of license it is...
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    Spot lighting for yotes, called in something else

    I went out to a small piece of state land near my home in Helena. I've seen a lot of deer, rabbit, and coyote sign in the area and have been hunting for jacks and yotes at different times of day. I decided to try tonight, so I hiked about a half mile in, set up against a tree, and started...
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    Hunting Journal

    My Grandad has always been an avid hunter. He lives in Texas, but has hunted out West as well as back East, and loves pretty much everything about hunting. Unfortunately for me, my family lived a long ways away and we never got to hunting together. Now that I am expressing more and more interest...

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